“Authority to raise a regiment for three years’ service was granted by Governor Curtin to Colonel Tilghman H. Good, of Allentown, Lehigh county, on the 5th of August, 1861, and chiefly through his exertions ten full companies were recruited during the month, as follows: Companies A and E at Easton, B, G, I and K at Allentown, C at Sunbury, D at Bloomfield, Perry county, F at Catasauqua, and H at Newport, Perry county, and at Harrisburg. Companies B, E and G, as also a portion of Company I, had previously served in the First Regiment, during the three months’ service, D in the Second, A and a portion of I in the Ninth, C in the Eleventh, and K in the Twenty-fifth. The companies rendezvoused at Camp Curtin, and on the 1st of September the following field officers were appointed: Tilghman H. Good, Colonel; G. W. Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel, and William H. Gausler, Major. James W. Fuller, Jr., was appointed Adjutant.” — Samuel P. Bates, History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, vol. 1

When the 47th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry finally mustered out on Christmas Day in 1865, its commanding officers were Brevet Brigadier-General John Peter Shindel Gobin, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Abbott and Major Levi Stuber.

Roster: Field and Staff Officers, 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers


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