Related Military Units

Many of the soldiers who served with the 47th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry served previously with state militia or other military organizations which had been formed in their respective communities across the state. The founding of at least one of these units appears to date back to the Revolutionary War; the others were among the earliest to answer President Abraham Lincoln’s call for volunteer troops to defend the nation’s capital following the fall of Fort Sumter. Having honorably completed their Three Months’ Service, the majority of volunteers chose to re-enlist for three-year terms.

The following is a list of the military organizations from which the 47th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (August 1861-January 1866) drew its members:

1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers:

2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers

9th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers:

  • Company D

11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers:

  • Company F (see “Sunbury Guards” below)

25th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers:

  • Company G

Allen Infantry (“Allen Guards”)

Allen Rifles

Catasauqua Rifles (Company D, 9th Pennsylvania Volunteers)

Jordan Artillerists (“Jordan Artillery”)

Sunbury Guards:

  • Sunbury Greys and Dewart Guards
  • Company F, 11th Pennsylvania Volunteers
  • Company C, 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers
  • Continued Service of the Sunbury Guards after the Civil War

Union Rifles (combined troops of the Allen Rifles and Jordan Artillerists)


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